create your success

The Power to Overcome Obstacles & Challenges

A 4-step process to overcome setbacks, reignite your motivation, and make your new life happen.

It is time to make the choice to overcome the obstacles and take your power back...

This robust experience has the techniques you need to ignite and maintain motivation, the mantras you need to reprogram your mind, and the exercises to write your success story.

It's a step-by-step experience to overcome any obstacle and take your power back as the driver of your life, now. 

Is this you?

No matter how big the challenge, you can prevail and turn your pain into power...

  • You've been dealt serious challenges that sometime feel insurmountable, but you're ready to take the leap and go after the life you deserve.
  • You are ready for a brighter future, and you can use support finding and firing-up the motivation needed to create lasting change.
  • You are ready to look at your life and get clear about what you want, so you can take clear steps to change.

Why is it hard to create resilience after challenges?

You need to be crystal clear about where you're headed, to make a big change.

Emotionally exhausting circumstances take time to recover from.

Making changes takes unrelenting consistency. This is simply hard... until it's not!

How to know if you're ready


I get that if you're here, you've been through some of the most challenging times a person can possibly go through. 

But, what I can tell you is that since you're here, you're ready to make a lasting change that sticks. You're ready to overcome the obstacles and look at it like a mountain that you get to climb. You know, deep down, that you absolutely must turn your past pain into power. 

Note from Dorcy:

 Take it from me: You are equipped to climb this mountain. Your history precedes you. May your past remind you that you're capable of so much, and if you've moved through that, you can move through anything.

Don't believe the sneaky lies our mind sometimes tell us -

  • "This situation feels like it's never going to end."
  • "I can't trust people anymore."
  • "My financial reality has me incapable of making change."
  • "I don't even know what I want, so how can I create a better life?"

A Life Changing Experience to Your Thriving Life


overcome fears and failure, maintain enthusiasm to do what it takes to create your new goals, write your success story, in vivid detail, to remind yourself of your strength and create the step-by-step path to change...