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of your soul's journey to wholeness...

Experience the transformational power of Illumination Healing and Soul Regeneration Healing

Welcome to Soul Illumination Healing!

We are thrilled you are here! Soul Illumination Healing was created by Dorcy Pruter, a modern-day medicine woman and an intuitive illumination coach and healer. Dorcy comes from a long lineage of energy healers, light workers, and medicine people on the planet.

She has been doing this work in many ways throughout her life, and she is thrilled to bring you... Soul Illumination Healing.

Some of you might know Dorcy from her extensive work in the co-parenting space at her company, the Conscious Co-Parenting Institute, where we assist families to heal from their transgenerational trauma that is triggered through their divorce. It is in that space that Dorcy became aware of her gifts and the ability to illuminate the path to healing for others.


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Guiding people to heal at the deepest level...

At Soul Illumination Healing, we are here to serve the individual as you embark on your soul's true purpose of being. We are here to assist you in embracing your truth, ending your suffering and designing the life you were born to live.  We are here to assist you in clearing out what's getting in the way of you living the life you desire to live.

From the beginning...

Soul Illumination Healing will work with your current life needs to ease your soul lesson or experience. After even one session, you'll notice your ability to move forward with ease. Things that once felt overwhelming, will now come to you with ease.

In the middle...

People report that old behaviors no longer serving them dissipate and reactive behaviors are seen more clearly so you can react differently. Bring your desires to fruition.

To the end...

Together with ancient medicine practices and new forms of healing, you can clear out the roadblocks you've subconsciously placed in your way that are preventing you from reaching your full potential.

The Benefits

Achieving more clarity about your life and experiencing it from a higher self-understanding, your heart's desires are magnified and you find yourself bringing your desires to fruition with greater ease than you thought possible.

Soul healing and ancestral healing is what is needed to end the suffering for all of humanity...

The Soul Illumination Healing processes not only removes what is no longer needed in your current human experience, but reaches deep into your soul to address longtime conditions that are ready to be healed. It can also be used for one-on-one ancestral healing work and group heart activations.

The energy keeps healing as you go deeper into releasing all of the beliefs that have been holding you stuck. This is the kind of spiritual, emotional and soul healing that makes a lasting difference. People leave a session feeling lighter and many people shift from the place of hardly being able to talk about the trauma or issues, to speaking about an issue with zero emotional charge.

  • Stress reduction and relaxation for increased inner and outer homeostasis.
  • Emotional regulation leading to more joy, happiness, and peace.
  • The processing and releasing of heavy emotions like sadness, pain, anger, grief, and depression.
  • Mental clarity and enhanced focus.
  • Pain reduction on physical, mental, and emotional levels.
  • Making choices aligned with your True Self, promoting clarity in decision-making.
  • Unveiling and enhancing soul gifts, such as intuition, gut feelings, and psychic abilities.
  • A deeper connection with Source and your Soul Essence.
  • Quantum DNA Activation and profound Soul remembrance.

The energy of Soul Illumination Healing continues to work while it deeply heals on all levels. 

Soul Regeneration Healing

Explore Soul Regeneration Healing

In addition to Soul Illumination Healing, we offer Soul Regeneration Healing to help you uncover the memories of your past and even past lives that impact your present existence.

Who is Soul Regeneration Healing for?

For anyone seeking to dissolve negative patterns that haven't been resolved by therapy, those looking to discover soul gifts to be shared in this lifetime, and those searching for answers to unexplainable personal and business patterns.

Unveil the Miraculous Power of Love

We believe that love is the ultimate healer and that it holds the power to bring miraculous and magical energy to your life. Experience the transformational power of Illumination Healing and Soul Regeneration Healing, guided by the profound love and wisdom of our practitioners, as they facilitate your journey towards healing, alignment, and self-discovery.

What Brought You Here?

Whatever may have brought you to us or even to this page, we have several programs that are designed to shift how you are showing up in your life. Our programs are both online and in person. Let us help you illuminate the path to liberation for you.


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Soul Illumination Healing work is included with the Higher Purpose Mastery Guided Program & Retreat OR can be requested on its own.

We have several programs that are designed to shift how you are showing up in your life. Our programs are both online and in-person, as well as for couples or individuals. We encourage you to connect with us if you are not sure where to start! We are happy to guide you through your next steps and illuminate the path to liberation for you!