Mom's Only Plant Medicine Ceremony

Fungi Family Healing

Calling all alienated moms! Are you ready to heal the wounds of the past and reconnect with your children? Our Fungi Family Healing ceremony is here to guide you on this journey towards reconciliation. Join us June 14th-15th in a safe, supportive space as we use the power of mycelium medicine to help you connect with your inner self and rediscover what it means to be a mom.

Through our guided ceremony, you'll learn how to release negative emotions, cultivate forgiveness and compassion, and open yourself up for new opportunities for reunification. Don't let distance or misunderstandings keep you from being the best mom you can be. Sign up today for our transformative Fungi Family Healing ceremony.

What to Expect

Safe and Supportive Environment

Our ceremonies provide a safe, nurturing space for moms to explore the depths of their consciousness under the guidance of experienced facilitators.

Inner Healing

Experience the profound effects of psilocybin as you dive deep into your psyche, confronting unresolved emotions, healing transgenerational trauma, and overcoming what has been holding you stuck in your alienation situation.


Connect with fellow alienated moms on a similar journey, forming bonds that extend beyond the two days and providing ongoing support and camaraderie.

Expert Guidance

Our experienced facilitators will provide personalized support throughout the ceremony, ensuring a transformative and enriching experience for each participant.


Gain practical tools and strategies to integrate your insights from the ceremony into your daily life, fostering lasting growth, personal development, and reconnection with your alienated children.

this is for you if...

You are a mom struggling with reuniting and reconnecting with your alienated child.

You are looking to embrace your role as the Chosen Parent.

You have found yourself "stuck", repeating patterns, and want to end the suffering for you and your family.

You are struggling with relationships in your life and want to show up differently, not only for yourself, but those you love.

You are ready to get on your purpose-driven path and finally start living the life you've always wanted.

You are ready to heal, learn, and embrace your purpose as a mom.

Why Choose Us

Led by the renowned reunification specialist, Dorcy Pruter, our Fungi Family Healing ceremony offers a unique opportunity to work with one of the leading experts in family reconciliation. With her guidance and support, you'll receive personalized attention and tools tailored to your specific needs as an alienated mom. You can trust that you're in good hands as we journey together towards healing and reconnection with your children. 

Exclusive Experience

Designed specifically for moms, this experience offers a unique opportunity to explore the transformative potential of plant medicine within a supportive community of alienated mothers who are looking to heal their family.


Rest assured, our facilitators/medicine healers are highly trained and experienced in guiding individuals through the plant medicine experience, prioritizing safety, and maximizing the benefits.

Holistic Approach

We believe in addressing the whole person—mind, body, and spirit—through a holistic approach to healing and growth.

Life-Changing Insights

Prepare to gain profound insights and perspectives that have the potential to positively impact every aspect of your life, from relationships to personal fulfillment.


Dates: June 14th-15th

Price: $3,500 USD

Location: Will be disclosed after application approval

What's Included?

  • Healing ceremony
  • Pre-ceremony group intention setting call
  • (2) Post-ceremony group integration calls
  • Food post-ceremony
  • Breakfast the following day followed by group integration

The Application Process

Please follow the next steps to complete the application process.


Spaces are limited for this exclusive ceremony, so make sure to apply today! You will also be sent some intake forms after completing the application. We will review your application and forms and let you know as soon as possible if you are able to join us!


Pay your refundable deposit! Since space is limited, paying the deposit will ensure that you can join us if your application is approved! If approved, we will credit your deposit towards the ceremony!


If you are approved, we will reach out and let you know. Once payment has been made, more details will be sent in the coming days, including call dates and itinerary information! Have questions? Email us!

after you enroll...

what happens once i enroll?

Once you have submitted your application, you will be sent some forms to fill out via DocuSign. A member of our team will review your application responses and forms. If you have been approved, we will reach out and let you know! Once payment has been made, you will receive exclusive access to our comprehensive pre-ceremony workbook to help you prepare mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the transformative experience ahead. Inside, you'll find guidance, insights, and exercises designed to deepen your understanding and connection with the plant medicine.

We will be having a pre-ceremony group call. Once enrolled, we will send out information for when that call will be!

when and where is the ceremony?

The ceremony is located in California. Upon enrollment, more details will come for exact ceremony location! We will also provide a couple hotel options close to the ceremony location that are recommended.

what's not included in the price?

Your roundtrip airfare/travel for the ceremony as well as your accommodations are not included. Those will be additional costs that you will be responsible for upon booking your trip to the retreat. Some food will be provided and noted in the itinerary.

what should i expect during the two days?

Expect a lot of healing, shifting, awakening, and fun! Don't take our word for it, hear what our past participants have to say below!

Hear what past participants have to say...

Where Your Journey Begins...

Dorcy will take you on a journey to discover not only your true purpose, but help you release anything that may be holding you back from who you truly are and what you truly want. 

She will be your guide throughout this process as you join other's who are also on a journey of their own. This journey is dedicated to help anyone transform their life, change their perspectives, and experience themselves and others in a new light.

Get ready to uncover what has been holding you back.