Higher Purpose Mastery

A program that will truly move you from fear, pain and stress to peace, love and joy. This easy to follow and implement program will change your life forever.

The Higher Purpose Mastery Program

Higher Purpose Mastery was created to help you reflect, resolve, and release old issues, repetitious patterns, and inner programmed belief systems that are preventing you from full self-acceptance. Understanding the power of fear and its role in our life can help us shift out of the victim mindset and onto our path of purpose.

The two most important words that describe this program are...

Love and Power

The goal is to assist you in remarkable, life changing ways so you can be the powerful, joyful, loving person that you truly are inside.


  • You find yourself in the same repetitive patterns and belief systems that are preventing you from your full self-acceptance.
  • Fear and the pain from your past is taking ahold and showing up in your life.
  • You are seeking empowerment so you can resolve your core fears and change from within.
  • You want to transform your life, change your perspectives, and experience yourself and others in a new light.

Higher Purpose Mastery is a step-by-step process to learn to live in the present while learning to shift your old, tired, limiting beliefs that are holding you stuck in your life and your relationships. 

This online course is designed to help you shift back to being alive and secure in all areas of your life...

Whether you know it or not, you are on a quest to be the powerful, joyful, loving, peaceful, deserving person that you truly are inside, free from fears and untrue notions that have been running, and perhaps ruining, your life.

Dorcy Pruter

What you may experience...

Higher Purpose Mastery is a true inner transformational method that puts you on the path of understanding your false beliefs and how these beliefs are creating our experience of life.

Reveal and identify core unconscious negative beliefs and fears, find out what they reveal, and release the programming that created them.

Allow the messages that fear brings to escort you to love rather than being an imprisoning enemy.

Move beyond fear, resolve your past, and create a triumphant future.