About Soul Illumination Healing...

Welcome! We're so glad you're here. Soul Illumination Healing was created & born by Dorcy Pruter, a modern-day medicine woman and an intuitive illumination coach and healer.

Coming from a long lineage of energy healers, light workers, and medicine people on the planet, Dorcy has been doing this work in many ways throughout her life, especially in the co-parenting space where she has assisted families to heal from their trans-generational trauma that is triggered through their divorce. It is in that space that Dorcy became aware of her gifts and the ability to illuminate the path of healing for others. She knows that healing oneself is the gift we give to others.

more about dorcy

Dorcy has always been the empowered, determined, and unique human that she is today in this lifetime. Through a challenging childhood, her fierce & goddess-like soul emerged out of the fire with grace. While pushing through the hurdles, she still knew subconsciously her past was manifesting in certain ways that she did not want to continue manifesting. She continuously went on a journey of self-discovery, 'looking in the mirror,' and knew that there will always be work to do. Through deep inner healing and the eventual reconnection with her father, she began coaching suffering parents who lost a relationship with their child, just as she had with their father, and just as her father did with her.

What she noticed through her many years of coaching parents, was how much the parents healed--not just within their parent-child relationship, but within themselves. Their inner child. The part of them that never got to be healed, recovered, and integrated before they had children of their own to pass that pain down onto. She has always known she has a bigger space here on our Planet Earth, and she finally feels truly at home to be working with individuals of all circumstances. For not just divorcing couples, but struggling couples who want to fight for one another and secure their sacred bond. For individuals of any stature. We all have trauma, because we humans are imperfect. And, Dorcy is here to continue illuminating the path for true Soul Healing.


Often times in therapy, people stay stuck in reliving the past trauma over and over again or even worse, they are not able to source it and continue to stay stuck in life. Dorcy can work with your higher self-consciousness and instead of reliving events and accessing normally blocked and stored sub/unconscious memories, you can instead...

  • Resolve fears and phobias that hinder you from living fully.
  • Break free from repeated negative patterns in your life.
  • Cultivate inner peace, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.
  • Gain insight into your eternal soul's journey and purpose.
  • Dissolve cellular memories of trauma and reclaim your power.
  • Bring forth your natural soul gifts.


Healing Sessions

Through Soul Illumination Healing sessions, Dorcy guides you as a gifted and intuitive healer, so you can embark on a transformational quantum healing journey of true self discovery. Discovering who you are is a foundational step of manifesting the life you want and deserve.

Healing Activities

Through sound baths and guided meditation, you'll enter a deep healing state, tapping into the quantum energetic realm where your eternal soul's memories await. This multidimensional space grants you access to subconscious and unconscious memories, facilitating profound healing and alignment with your highest timeline on Earth.

Healing Programs

Through Soul Illumination Healing online and retreat programs, you dedicate yourself to staying on the path of going deeper and deeper within yourself. During healing retreats, you become aware and open of who you truly are, want, and deserve. Whether on an individual level, and/or with your beloved.