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Securing a Sacred Relationship

The program that will help you build and maintain a strong, healthy and fulfilling relationship with your partner. Discover what the depth of a committed, sacred relationship feels like.

Awaken to your sacred relationship...

Our program is based on the belief that relationships are sacred connections between two individuals who want to grow and evolve together. We understand that every relationship has its unique challenges, but we also believe that with the right tools and guidance, any couple can overcome obstacles and create a fulfilling, sacred relationship.

Learn how to build trust, deepen intimacy, manage expectations, and navigate difficult conversations in ways that honor both yourself and your partner.

This program will meet you where you are on your relationship journey and help you step into your relationship with consciousness. 

Let's illuminate the path to your sacred relationship...

How to know if this program is right for you:

Are you tired of feeling disconnected from your partner, struggling to communicate effectively, or dealing with trust issues in your relationship? 

This comprehensive program is designed to help couples strengthen their bond, deepen their intimacy, and create a more fulfilling partnership. Through a combination of video lessons, interactive exercises, and personalized coaching sessions, you'll learn practical tools and strategies for building trust, improving communication skills, resolving conflicts peacefully, and cultivating greater emotional connection.

Whether you're newlyweds looking to establish a strong foundation for your marriage or long-term partners seeking to reignite the spark in your relationship, this program can help you achieve your goals. If you're ready to take action towards creating the loving partnership that you deserve - one that feels secure and sacred - then we invite you to join us on this journey. Sign up today to start transforming your relationship from the inside out!

Through either our online course or coaching program, you will learn how to:

  • Express yourself in an honest yet respectful way while also listening actively to your partner.
  • Establish trust between each other by being open about your needs, values, and boundaries.
  • Manage conflicts and understand how they arise in relationships.
  • Deepen your emotional connection with each other through shared experiences and physical touch.
  • Shift your relationship from conflict and chaos to connection and consciously communicating with ease.
  • Overcome the power struggle stage and move into mature love, surrendering to life just the way it is.
  • Tap into your soul's hidden desires and limiting beliefs that are preventing you from fully securing your sacred relationship.
  • Realize who you are and what you have (as a couple) in what we like to call, the "us container."
  • Accept and appreciate each other's differences while getting what you want out of your relationship.

Improve the quality of all your relationships, and most importantly, the relationship with your beloved.

Enrollment Options

online course




  • Lifetime access to the Securing a Sacred Relationship online course for both you and your partner.
  • Bonus access to our Healing from Emotional Trauma course for both you and your partner! 

coaching program




  • Lifetime access to the Securing a Sacred Relationship online course for both you and your partner.
  • Six guided coaching calls with you and your partner.
  • Bonus access to our Healing from Emotional Trauma course for both you and your partner!

This program and course is for you if...

you're walking on eggshells...

there's constant tension in your relationship...

you experience fuzzy communication...

one of you is withdrawing and the other is becoming needy and demanding...

you struggle with keeping a relationship or scared to get back into one...

you're ready to take your relationship to the next level...

you're ready to end the cycle of conflict and learn how to fight fair...

I am an intuitive relationship coach and work with some of the most challenged relationships and families in crisis that are trying to navigate a high-conflict divorce. I empower families with the conflict resolution skills to resolve conflict and create communion. I will take you through a process of understanding how to create communion through conscious communication. If you are struggling in your relationship and feel like throwing in the towel, you will learn exactly how to shift your relationship, even in the moments of conflict. Let me help you shift out of chaos and conflict in your relationship and melt your lover's heart.

Dorcy Pruter