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Welcome to Soul Illumination Healing!


I am so excited to announce the start of my new company, Soul Illumination Healing. This has been in the works for quite some time, as I knew I wanted to reach a wider audience of people to help heal, as I’ve been mostly known for my work with divorced parents.

But here, you will find various ways to heal the parts of you that have been holding you back. Whether you are a parent or not. Here, you will find ways to unlock your true potential. Here, you will find your authentic voice and learn how to master & create the life you want and deserve.

At Soul Illumination, I wanted a place where anyone, not just a parent*, can come for healing help. A place for an individual to find out who they really are and are meant to be, their passion, to manifest happiness. A place for couples to remember why they became one to begin with--to heal the relationship trauma, and secure their sacred bond that has been hidden in the dust, so they can find spark again and bring back the magic that started it all. Lastly, a place where people can come to be vulnerable, open, support and be supported, with like-minded humans who are on a mission to change the world, one healed heart at a time.

I can't wait to illuminate the path of healing and unconditional love for those who have been seeking it for far too long. To host retreats for individuals not yet ready to be vulnerable with others; for couples ready to embrace each other’s souls again, and for group sessions where we all come together to support one another in healing & manifestation.

Whether you've struggled with mental health issues**, have a traumatic or painful past, and/or simply want to get 'unstuck' in life, Soul Illumination Healing will pave and guide the way for you to uncover who you really are: a powerful soul bogged down with human flaws.

I'm so glad you're here. Stick around, you won't want to miss what's to come.


*if you are a parent struggling with a complex divorce, go to https://www.consciouscoparentinginstitute.com/

**we are not mental health providers so cannot diagnose or treat in the traditional therapeutic manner.

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Dorcy is a modern-day medicine woman and an intuitive illumination coach and healer. Through her work of life coaching, parent coaching, and inner-healing programs she's developed, she has helped illuminate a purpose-driven path for so many.

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